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So you wanna know about charcoal, eh?

* Are you considering a stove project that includes charcoal or fuel briquettes?

* Do you know why the impact of woodfuel on the environment is smaller than charcoal?

* Did you know you can create micro grids in rural areas using improved charcoal kilns?

* Did you know that Dar es Salaam consumes enough charcoal each year to fill a swimming pool as long as the distance between Paris and London?

The Charcoal Project is guest-editing the upcoming issue of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air‘s bulletin on charcoal and alternative solid biomass fuels.

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Postcard from Rubaare: A man, a problem, a solution.

In researching the fuel briquette solutions, we discovered there were multiple options available and no decision tree on how to choose between them.  The Charcoal Project team spent the first six months researching and talking to developers, implementers, manufacturers and others with experience in the field.

Our research eventually led us to Isaac Owor, founder of EnviroCoal, a fuel-briquette manufacturer based in the capital, Kampala.


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NEWS: U.N. SG: ‘Clean Energy Revolution’ Crucial to Ensure Growth in Poorer Countries

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called today for a “clean energy revolution” to help the estimated three billion people that lack modern power and urged countries to recognize the impact that energy security has on all aspects of development.

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Wood Energy in Africa: the next gold rush?

Recent news out of Uganda about the displacement of tens of thousands of people from their land to make way for a large-scale biofuel plantations raises question about governmental oversight and corporate social responsibility on the part of of foreign investors.

It is all the more urgent that African nations, with the help of appropriate international agencies, begin putting place the regulatory framework that will lead to the responsible and sustainable exploitation of wood energy resources in the context of low-carbon economic growth and high-value export generation.

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