How we Do it

We work in three areas where we believe we can make a difference:

1. We nurture.

We invest financial, technical, and business management resources in social enterprises that have the potential to grow and multiply. We look for early stage social enterprises that have the right combination of management, product development, market potential, and ambition.

Sometimes our partners are not proper businesses but are in urgent need of a solution. We help them by investing in better fuels and technology that can help the larger community.

2. We lead.

Better charcoal and alternative solid biomass fuels are not currently on the international development agenda. But we believe that, soon, better fuels and cooking technologies will be as important as access to clean water and malaria prevention. The Charcoal Project helps move the discussion forward by actively engaging with policy-makers, development institutions, and other major actors. We do this by participating in existing forums and by organizing our own events.

3. We share.

Charcoal is a U$10 billion-a-year industry in sub-Saharan Africa, which is why we want to share the knowledge and engage everyone who can help make a difference. The Charcoal Project online provides a home and resources to the global community of stakeholders who are working to bring better fuels and technologies for those who need it most.