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NYT: Energy poverty on the agenda for 2011

Energy poverty may not mean much to most people because up until now no one has bothered explaining the concept. And even though “energy poverty” was not mentioned directly, the knowledge vacuum began to be filled on December 24th when the New York Times published African Huts Far From the Grid Glow With Renewable Power, an excellent overview of how renewable energy and energy efficient technologies are dramatically changing the lives of rural African populations that lack access to modern energy. The story leads with the example of a family in rural, off-grid Kenya with no access to electricity. However, … Continue reading


Peak Oil vs Peak Biomass: Are we there yet?

This New York Times article, based on the IEA (International Energy Agency) latest World Energy Outlook, suggests humanity is on the downward slope of the oil availability curve. We’ve often wandered what analogies, if any, existed between the concepts of “peak oil” and “peak biomass.” After all, both the fossil fuel industry and the biomass fuel community speak of “energy efficiency,” “carbon and particulate emissions,” “transport costs,” “public health,” and “environmental, Climate Change, and social impact” of these fuels. So, can we speak of “peak biomass?” And are we there yet? I think the answer is yes and no. Yes, … Continue reading

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The Charcoal Project & the creation of a global market for renewable energy & efficiency solutions

Dispatches from: Emerging Solutions for the Energy Poor. Technological, Entrepreneurial & Institutional Challenges NOVEMBER 5 and 6, 2010 Wittemyer Courtroom University of Colorado Law School Wolf Law Building 401 UCB, 2450 Kittredge Loop Boulder, CO 80309 USA The 2010 Conference is designed to be a sequel to the 2009 World Energy Justice Conference (WEJC 2009) which began examining ways of mainstreaming safe, clean, and efficient energy for the world’s Energy Poor (EP). The EP number two and a half billion people who live on less than $1-2 a day and have no access to modern energy services. The 2010 conference … Continue reading


Hello, Houston? Is that blip on the radar screen actually energy poverty?

Is it just us or is public awareness finally turning its ADHD gaze on energy poverty? Was it Hillary Clinton’s announcement of the launch of the Global Alliance of Clean Cookstoves at the CGI the catalyst? Is the public finally connecting the dots between deforestation and a series of natural and human disasters? (See Haiti, Pakistan) The fact is that there seems to be more and more ink dedicated to the topic of energy poverty and its impact on public health, poverty, and the degradation of local environments in developing countries. The clearest indication yet that energy poverty alleviation is … Continue reading

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