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VIDEO: The Business of Charcoal in Dar es Salaam, TZ.

This is the trailer to a short documentary on the charcoal sector in Africa portraying the specific example of the city of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. The film was published jointly by the World Bank and the Government of Tanzania in August 2009.

We featured the longer version of this film in a post back in August.

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VIDEO: The charcoal problem in Tanzania compellingly explained

Dar es Salaam consumes the equivalent of 16 olympic pools in charcoal every day. This figure is increasing daily as rural populations migrate to urban centers. At $350 million per year, charcoal is big business, too.

This great video produced by the World Bank last year (2010) lays out the issue in a way that is well-documented and visually compelling.

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Video animation of black carbon emissions over Asia

This short YouTube video shows how tiny air pollution particles known as black carbon move throughout our planet. We reported on Asia’s Atmospheric Brown Clouds earlier.

Though global distribution of soot remains difficult to measure, NASA researchers use satellite data and computer models to better understand how these short-lived particles influence Earth’s climate, cryosphere, and clouds.

This scientific data visualization uses data from the GEOS5 GOCART climate model to show black carbon’s atmospheric concentration from August to November in 2009.

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