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Can’t make it to Lima for the 5th PCIA Forum? Not to worry. We’ve got you covered!

If you’re stuck back at the home-office, in the field, and you can’t make it to Lima for the 5th Annual PCIA Forum, then visit us online (er, that would be right here) starting on Monday, February 21st for some behind-the-scenes coverage, interviews, program highlights!

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PCIA meeting in Lima, Peru, is the place to be for clean cookstove community

5th Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum (PCIA)

What do you get when you gather the world’s leading household energy and health experts and offer them five days of dynamic workshops, technical presentations and stories from successful programs around the world?

Unexpected connections. Extraordinary insights. Powerful advancements.

  • 1 day kick-off event, Monday, February 21, 2011:
    Learn about the government of Peru’s national stove campaign.
  • 5-day Biennial Forum, February 22-26, 2011:
    Join us to address topics including stove performance standards and testing, monitoring and evaluation, carbon financing, expanded commercial markets, recent research outcomes, community engagement and much more.

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Green tech, clean fuels for the rich and wood, charcoal, and animal dung for the poor.

Industrialized and emerging nations are poised to leap into the clean fuel and green technology future, leaving behind nearly a third of the world’s population who is destined to continue burning wood, charcoal, and animal dung using noxious technologies that have remained unevolved for the last 3000 years. What’s up with that?

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In 2007, Indoor Air Pollution from inefficient biomass combustion cost Peru U$321,123,160

Peru could have bought every rural poor two energy efficient stoves in 2007 for the equivalent of what Indoor Air Pollution cost the country. That would be U$321,123,160 in 2007, in case you were wondering.

As we discussed last week, The Charcoal Project is leading a research on a global analysis that would put a price tag on the inefficient domestic combustion of biomass as practiced today in the vast majority of the developing world.

The figure mentioned above comes from the World Bank’s  Country Environmental Analysis (CEA) reports published on their website.

We randomly selected the 2007 assessment for Peru.

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Peru: A millenary tree's last stand

Today’s NYT article titled Ecosystem in Peru Is Losing a Key Ally tells the familiar story of how poverty and cultural tastes are rapidly sealing the fate of the arid-dwelling huarango, a unique species of trees that can live more than one thousand years. According to the article, haurango rivals teak in hardness and its embers are prized for outlasting any other form of wood charcoal. It is also viewed by Peruvians “as the prime wood for charcoal to cook a signature chicken dish called ‘pollo broaster.’ ” (Judging from the online recipes, comments, and images, the dish might make … Continue reading

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