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2013: TCP Launches A Moonshot Called HFI

Eighteen months ago, we received an unexpected call from D-Lab at MIT. It was Saida Benhayoune, the newly appointed director of D-Lab’s Scale-Ups Program. The call went something like this:  “We’re launching a new initiative designed to scale up access to simple technology solutions for poor people in the developing world. Would you be interested in working together in aggressively boosting access to better technology and fuel solutions for people who depend on wood, charcoal, and animal dung around the world?” “Heck, yeah!” we answered. It was a no-brainer. In January we launched the Harvest Fuel Initiative, a joint collaboration … Continue reading



Think of it as the Higgs Boson of energy poverty alleviation.

Seriously, though, this blog post comes to us from Harvest Fuel Initiative-partner, ARTI-Tanzania (a type of Large Hadron Collider on its own) and tells the whole story of how ARTI, The Charcoal Project and the Scale-Ups program at MIT’s D-Lab are coming together to help address one of the root causes of various social and environmental problems in the developing world: the dependence on wood and charcoal for cooking and heating in the developing world.

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