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Top 10 things I learned at the PCIA forum in Lima

At the invitation of the government of Peru, the PCIA hosted its fifth biennial international forum outside the capital during the last week of February.

The Charcoal Project was especially thrilled to be able to speak with program managers, carbon finance experts, manufacturers, and policy-makers.

We learned many things after speaking and listening to so many people. What follows is a tiny sampling.

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Haiti’s charcoal crisis comes into focus, but is anyone listening?

(Reporter William Wheeler writes about Haiti’s addiction to biomass in the most recent issue of Good Magazine)

Elizabeth Sipple, an agronomist who recently took a post as the director of International Lifeline Fund’s Haiti program, is working to wean Haiti off a lethal addiction: wood and charcoal, which supply the majority of Haiti’s energy needs.

The main source of revenue in the countryside is cutting trees for firewood and charcoal production—part of a hugely inefficient wood habit that consumes trees much more quickly than they can regenerate.

This dependency has cost the country its forests, sapped its fertility, and set the stage for an increasing series of natural disasters, including—by driving migration into the congested, anarchically-constructed capital—the human impact of the earthquake that killed roughly a quarter of a million people.

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