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VIDEOS: Can Clean Cookstoves and Energy Poverty go viral

To support this goal, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves came out a few weeks ago with several videos that have been in the making for some time now. (The first four videos on the Alliance’s YouTube channel are the ones in question. And, yes, Julia Roberts does appear in most of them!)

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Ugandan entrepreneur uses briquettes to address gender and development issues

Betty Ikalany is eager to include women in her budding briquette-making enterprise. She believes the income-generating potential offered by briquette-making will empower women by making them more economically independent.

She specifically targets women living with HIV/AIDS and girls dropping out of school due to pregnancy because these two groups usually suffer greatly from stigma and discrimination in the community, which impedes their ability to provide a living for themselves.

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The journey to sustainable solid biomass fuel production & consumption begins June 15th

On June 15th, representatives from new energy companies, climate finance, governments, development agencies, multi-lateral banks, and NGOs will meet in Arusha, Tanzania, to begin discussions on a blueprint that will make woodfuels, charcoal, and other solid biomass fuels a truly renewable energy choice for developing countries.

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Clean-Burning Cookstoves for Developing Countries

Source: The New York Times, published Sept 28, 2010 To the Editor: Re “Developing Nations to Get Clean-Burning Cookstoves” (news article, Sept. 21): It is great news that the United States will provide $50 million to help provide clean-burning cookstoves for villages in Asia, Africa and South America. In addition to the appalling health risks (1.9 million deaths a year due to inhaling smoke from open fires) and the environmental devastation caused by cutting down trees for fuel, women and girls risk rape and sexual violence when they gather wood to cook or sell. This is particularly true in refugee camps … Continue reading

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Women Key to Reduce Impact of Climate Change in Nigeria

Gifted with huge reserves of oil and gas, Nigeria is today one of the fastest growing economies in the world.  But despite its natural wealth, the country is struggling to provide basic energy for its own citizens, two-thirds of whom currently live on less than a dollar a day.

In this story, a non-profit makes the case that, sometimes, a more “modern” fuel can play an important role in helping meet a country’s specific energy development goals.

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