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TANZANIA: Economic recovery hurting energy poor; shift to charcoal from kerosene

The prices of kerosene, cooking gas, and electricity have gone up by 6, 20, and 18.5 per cent respectively. Experts say this leaves most households in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and other urban centres with little choice but to shift to charcoal.

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Who speaks for the Energy Poor?

OPINION The Climate Change movement has for some time been on a collision course with the developing world’s hunger for energy for economic development. But because the carbon footprint of poor countries is a fraction of those of industrialized nations, productive energy solutions for the energy poor has never been on top of the Climate Change movement’s agenda. Dear Mr. and Ms. Energy Poor, we’d like you to meet your savior And guess who is coming to defend the energy needs of the poor? The very same industry facing staunch opposition by industrialized countries seeking to move away from fossil … Continue reading

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