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Busy as a Bee

TEWDI uses beekeeping project to teach skills to students. Last year, TCP helped kick start a beekeeping project for the Teso Women Development Initiative (TEWDI), one of our Harvest Fuel Initiative partners.  Betty Ikalany, the director of TEWDI, wanted to use beekeeping as a way to generate income for women in Soroti, Uganda.  Honey and beeswax candles are valuable by-products of the beekeeping enterprise. So far, it has been a year of learning for TEWDI.  Without the benefit of efficient processing equipment, they have nonetheless been able to harvest honey twice from their beehives. With the second harvest, they used the … Continue reading


How clean cookstoves are helping improve grades in Uganda

Ever seen Derek Sivers’ Ted Talk on How To Start A Movement? You know that lone nut that is dancing at the concert before a second nut joins him, and then, a third, and fourth, and so on? Well, that’s how we’re feeling right now.

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What Barack Obama, The Oscars, And Charcoal Have In Common

“Rather than ignoring reality, a far more pragmatic approach is needed to reduce the impact of charcoal on our forests and our climate. This means taking a holistic look at both the supply and demand side of the equation,” explains Anne Wheldon of Ashden.

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