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PCIA bulletin: Biogas for Household & Institutional Use

The PCIA latest bulletin focuses on biogas for both household and institutional use, and presents the local, national and regional-level efforts to promote its use in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Biogas-promoting organizations with decades of experience share their strategies for partnership-building, education and training, innovative solutions to financing, and marketing biogas’s added benefits.

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Join PCIA’s upcoming webinars

Only a few days remain to register for the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air’s (PCIA) webinar on Impacts of Household Fuel Consumption from Biomass Stove Programs in India, Nepal and Peru. This is the second in the PCIA stove testing webinar series taking place this summer.

Michael Johnson, of Berkeley Air Monitoring Group, will present the results of in-home assessments conducted with fellow PCIA Partners in Nepal, India and Peru.

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