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We received the following announcement for grant opportunities, which we are happy to share. — The Charcoal Project Dear Colleague, I am pleased to inform you that the SEED Initiative has just launched the 2014 SEED Awards to support entrepreneurs for sustainable development. We are seeking entries from innovative start-up entrepreneurs who aim to generate environmental, social and economic benefits at the local level in a country with a developing or emerging economy. This year SEED will make available up to: 30 SEED Africa Awards to enterprises in Ethiopia, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania and Uganda; 12 SEED South Africa Awards to enterprises … Continue reading


NEWS: What’s good for the panda is good for the cookstove

There is evidence that bamboo charcoal burns cleaner than wood charcoal and with comparable heating and energy values. Charcoal production is another way for families to diversify their livelihoods and earn some additional income, and the relatively limited investments required for the simple charcoal-making process make it an income source that is accessible to many.

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