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A startup cookstove with a killer app gets a big boost

Back when The Charcoal Project was a getting its web chops we covered what we thought was a fantastic idea from a startup company called BioLite. The idea was simple: produce a stove that can reduce emissions, cut down on fuel use while also charging a cell phones or power other small electronics. We’re thrilled to see the company finally get some respect. Congratulations BioLite!

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NEWS: Brazil to sell wood pellets to European utilities for power generation

“…Europe is seeking to generate 20 percent of its energy from renewable sources in 2020, and converting Brazilian wood into easily transportable pellets may help the region reach it’s goal,…

“Demand in Europe for biomass is very big. Many old coal-fired thermoelectric plants are making the decision to co-fire with biomass to extend their lives, principally in England.”

So, why can’t African nations do the same?

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At last. The moment you’ve all been waiting for: a reality show about clean cookstoves!

There’s no shortage of reality-inspired cooking shows in which participants struggle against long odds.

Now there’s a new offering, with a difference. It’s Stoveman, a four-part video series documenting the efforts of two young men who are part of a “low profit” business aimed at providing efficient rocket stoves to poor households in struggling places.

(taken from Andy Revkin, Dot Earth. The New York Times)

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