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TCP Kickstarts Bee-Keeping Program for HFI Partner

At the Teso Women Development Initiative, they try to find different ways to help the environment and local women in need.  While they have been busy lately building a charcoal briquette business, they have found time to seek out other ways to help women in Soroti.

Many families in Sub-Saharan Africa rely on paraffin or kerosene for lighting, both dirty fuels that increase indoor air pollution.  Candles made from beeswax, however, are clean burning.  They emit no soot and do not contain artificial scents or perfumed chemicals.   This is one of the reasons TEWDI is starting a bee-keeping business.  Using $1,000 from The Charcoal Project, TEWDI has invested in 10 hives that will start producing honey within a year.  The hives will be placed near farms which will be beneficial to local farmers and the income earned from the honey will help local women.   As the operation gets bigger, TEWDI will add in a candle-making operation to take advantage of the beeswax.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to support TEWDI’s bee-keeping program, visit our home page www.charcoalproject.org and click on the donate button.  Thanks for your support and good luck to the staff of TEWDI!

Sample of bee wax for making candles Overall and Veil Staff inspecting the Bee hives

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