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POSITION: GACC seeks Consultant, Sustainable Fuels Production

Our good friends at the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) has asked us to share this announcement.The Charcoal Project

The Alliance is seeking one or more consultant(s) to support Alliance partners in the fuels-focused topic area to incorporate environmental and resource planning into their business plans for scaling up production, to strengthen their plans and provide demonstrable evidence of the environmental benefits and sustainability to potential investors.

To meet these goals, the Alliance seeks the support of a qualified consultant to provide guidance to selected fuel production partners, including resource analysis, evaluating and optimizing production, and planning for scaling up production with a sustainable supply of resources that achieve the intended environmental benefits.  The consultant will evaluate fuels-focused applicants for the next round of the Spark Fund.  The consultant will be ineligible to apply for the Spark Fund as a primary applicant or as a subcontractor. 

DEADLINES: The work plan should be submitted to Ranyee Chiang, Senior Technical Manager, rchiang@cleancookstoves.org, no later than October 11, 2013.  The contract start date is anticipated to be on or around November 1, 2013.

Visit the GACC posting here.

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