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New briquette-making manuals from Legacy Foundation

We received the following notification from our friends at Legacy Foundation and are happy to pass it along.

Legacy Foundation is happy to announce the publication and availability of three new biomass briquette supporting manuals.  
THE BRIQUETTE MARKETING MANUAL: This manual is in a user friendly handbook format and provides useful exercises to help the briquette producer or trainer develop a marketing plan.    Through marketing, the producer and/or trainer improves their capacity to sell their briquette products and training services.

The RATCHET PRESS CONSTRUCTION MANUAL AND THE RATCHET PRESS USERS MANUAL.   These manuals provide detailed plans for Ratchet Press manufacturing and a detailed process for briquette making using the Ratchet Press.
The Ratchet Press is a high pressure, compact, easily assembled, transported, operated and maintained briquette press.   Using common tools and skills, the Ratchet Press can work for an individual or full time commercial briquette production facility.  Though it is compact and portable, it can deliver nearly the same force as the larger Mini Bryant compound lever wood press sold through the Legacy Foundation website.  The Ratchet Press is adaptable to varying work environments and is able to rest or stand on quasi- tripod-like-feet  or with no feet at all –  tied or bolted onto any vertical surface,
It should be noted that The Ratchet Press fabrication does equire greater precision and more skills and machine tools to manufacture then the Mini Bryant wood press.  It  requires availability of a a hand held electric drill,  an electric welder and a disk grinder for manufacture,
The Ratchet Press has evolved as a briquette making tool for the following three niche markets;
–the more urban /peri-urban areas where stowage and ease of use are at a premium
–the serious production situations where rigorous use and high output is anticipated.
–the more remote areas favoring easy of transport and set up by a concerned aid organization, for immediate production start up, in rough working conditions.
Legacy Foundation welcomes replication, modification and sale of our Ratchet Press  in your local market area. In fact, we can help you by referring new enquiries in your area  and by broadcasting your own innovations to the briquette community.  We would like to partner with you for such enterprises so that we can continue to build the briquette network. We would cover our costs in such enterprises through the sale of the user’s manual which should accompany the sale of every press.  The Legacy Foundation does not, however authorize the mass production of the press or the manuals for persons outside one immediate market /service area , without prior discussion and mutual agreement
Please visit our website to see the full description of each new manual.
Click on the PRODUCTS tab and you will find the new manuals on top of the featured products page.   Click on each ‘thumbnail’ for a description of the each manual’s content.   As always, you can purchase the manual through paypal.
We hope that you will find these new resources useful in your work.
Every manual that is purchased further supports Legacy Foundation efforts to expand and sustain the biomass briquette worldwide network of producers and trainers.
Please let us know if you have any questions!
Best regards
Richard and Joyce Stanley


Legacy Foundation
4886 Highway 66
Ashland OR 97520
skype: legacyfoundation


  1. Paul Muthara says:

    I have interests in biomass briquette making business and more information in regards to modification technologies to the Ratchet Press. How can i get intouch with your representative(Legacy Foundation) in Kenya and what are the requirements? How much does your ratchet press cost?

  2. Dear Paul Muthara,
    We are big fans of the work that the Legacy Foundation has been doing for many decades but we are not affiliated with them directly. I suggest you contact them via their website: legacyfound.org
    Good luck with your project!

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