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NYT: Energy poverty on the agenda for 2011

Energy poverty may not mean much to most people because up until now no one has bothered explaining the concept. And even though “energy poverty” was not mentioned directly, the knowledge vacuum began to be filled on December 24th when the New York Times published African Huts Far From the Grid Glow With Renewable Power, an excellent overview of how renewable energy and energy efficient technologies are dramatically changing the lives of rural African populations that lack access to modern energy. The story leads with the example of a family in rural, off-grid Kenya with no access to electricity. However, … Continue reading


Lost Kittens of 2010

Lost kittens is what we call the odds and ends we collect from the internet to share with you. As 2010 draws to close, we think this is a great time to thank all of you who have written to encourage us since we embarked on our mission only one year ago. Your words of support have kept us going and we hope you will continue sharing your thoughts in 2011. Creating a global community of stakeholders in the energy poverty sector is part of our mission but we can’t do this without you! We have a few treats in … Continue reading

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A two-graphic argument for redefining what constitutes Clean Energy

What’s most glaring about this cool infographic on global investment in clean energy is not how much is invested around the world, but how little is invested in Africa, where over 90 percent of sub-Saharan Africa depends on wood, charcoal, and animal dung for cooking and heating. This graphic also raises a larger question: what constitutes “clean energy?” When close to 2 million people die each day (mostly women and children) for lack of energy efficient cookstoves or lack of access to alternative, sustainable biofuels, then it’s a clean energy issue, too, no? What’s more “Clean Energy” has been defined … Continue reading

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ETHIOPIA: Land grab fears for rural communities

BBC | 15 December 2010 By Ed Butler (Reporter, Business Daily, BBC World Service, Ethiopia) A controversial new farms policy has led to a political clampdown in a remote lowland region of Ethiopia, the BBC has been told. Opposition activists claim that a number of arrests and the killings of 10 local farmers are as a direct result of the new policy. “You cannot speak freely about the land issue now,” one local man told me on condition of anonymity. “You can be arrested or even killed for this. “This is a dark period for all indigenous people living in … Continue reading

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VIETNAM: Officials stand by as forest burned to charcoal

Planted forests in the south central province of Phu Yen are being ravaged by charcoal and timber sellers. Due to a grave deriliction of duty on the part of the proper authorities, the trees’ planters say they have resorted to begging the wood prospectors to stop. On Wednesday, Thanh Nien witnessed charcoal makers proudly carrying their products from Deo Ca forest as the people who planted the forest stood by aghast. Felled trees lay strewn about on the ground –the victims of loggers who cut down more than they could carry. Read more

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