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The Charcoal Project welcomes Board member, Rogerio Carneiro de Miranda

This week’s launch of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) is especially sweet for the men and women around the world that have struggled tirelessly for the past decades to find solutions to indoor air pollution and inefficient biomass combustion.

The next few posts on our blog will bring you more news and analysis of this week’s momentous event.

In the meantime, however, The Charcoal Project wishes to welcome Rogerio Carneiro de Miranda as the newest member of The Charcoal Project’s Board of Advisors.

This week’s announcement is an especially sweet moment for Rogerio who has dedicated a lifetime to improved cookstoves and biomass energy solutions.

“The visibility — and expectations — for clean cookstoves has never been so high,” says Rogerio.

The Charcoal Project looks forward to working with Rogerio and the other members of the Board to support the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

About Rogerio Carneiro de Miranda

Rogerio brings to the Board extensive experience in the field of biomass energy efficiency, cookstove program development and implementation, and expertise in community-based agro-forestry-for-biomass projects. Rogerio was most recently a Senior Official with the World Bank in Washington, D.C., where he oversaw a portfolio of bioenergy projects across Africa. Rogerio, whose work in the field has been globally recognized, will stay on with the Bank in a consulting capacity.

Rogerio is also the founder of ProLeña, a Latin American network of country-based, biomass energy projects, which he launched in Nicaragua in the mid-1990s. Rogerio has recently returned to his native Brazil to continue his work with the ProLeña network, which is rapidly expanding there. Rogerio will also work on research and development of biomass technology with several research institutions. One of his fields of interests is developing technologies and processes that can be replicated in other parts of the developing world where biomass

Rogério has been recognized as a leader in the development of the manufacturing and commercialization of improved biomass stoves in Latin America. In recognition of the his work, Rogério has received three distinguished awards: the global ASHDEN award on sustainable energy in United Kingdom in 2003; the national Home Planet award in Brazil in 2004; and the USAID award of Appreciation in 2006.   He has also been successful in creating local institutional capacity to modernize wood energy in different countries of Latin America, by formally organizing local biomass energy stakeholders, NGOs and SMEs to embrace new initiatives, such promoting efficient stoves and kilns, modernizing charcoal production, reforestation & forest management programs, and policy reforms.

The Charcoal Project and the Board of Advisors look forward to drawing on Rogerio’s expertise to help achieve The Charcoal Project’s mission, which is the accelerated and widespread deployment of biomass energy solutions for the world’s energy poor.

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